Hym RAYS | Designed for music lovers who demand the very best

Hym RAYS | Designed for music lovers who demand the very best

The RAYS is a complete stereo system featuring a turntable, tube amplifier and built-in Bluetooth speakers.       


Unmatched Audio Experience

The RAYS is a cutting-edge Hi-Fi vacuum tube speaker system, capable of delivering rich and powerful bass along with delicate and detailed highs. The nine-inch tonearm of the RAYS is equipped with a precise anti-skating counterweight, ensuring even wear of both the stylus and the grooves on vinyl records. Further supported by a precise 280mm machined metal platter and an MM cartridge with a tracking force of just 2g, the RAYS provides stable rotation and reduces the wear of records so users can enjoy their music for years to come.     

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The RAYS also features a patented tri-point suspension system with an anti-shock range of 40Hz to 20KHz, providing highly stable and distortion-free playback at a maximum power handling of 80 watts. Moreover, the RAYS supports the connection of a variety of external devices through both the Bluetooth connectivity functionality and the wired RCA output, allowing for complete user customization of the listening experience.     

Illuminating Aesthetic Design  

Crafted from black walnut wood, pearlized black metal, and premium Czech glass, the design of the RAYS adds a touch of natural contemporary sleekness to its high-quality functionality. The gesture touch feature of the turntable deftly integrates the smooth textured exterior with its precision sound capabilities, allowing users to adjust volume and modes with a gentle sweep of their fingers. Additionally, the imported vacuum tubes embedded within the RAYS act as both a source of light and an indicator of volume, adding a warm glow to the home environment.    


A perfect blend of classic and modern, the RAYS integrates vintage vinyl playback and modern Bluetooth connectivity to create a compelling auditory feast. 

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