#0 Concrete Speaker: Premium Sound Melded With Industrial Design

#0 Concrete Speaker: Premium Sound Melded With Industrial Design

A device that fuses the hardness of concrete with the soft and peaceful calm of daily life, the #0 Concrete Speaker is a minimalist grey speaker designed to bring the joys of sound into your life. Launched in September 2020 on the Taiwanese creativity crowdfunding website Zeczec, the campaign for the #0 Concrete Speaker raised an overwhelming NT$1,589,370 from 408 backers, greatly outclassing its initial target of NT$100,000.


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A Material Synonymous With Strength

The #0 Concrete Speaker is the result of the first collaboration between the popular Taiwanese audio brand CELIA & PERAH and design agency LLH Design. LLH Design is well-known for constructing a multitude of products from concrete, a material famously used in Brutalist architecture for its strength and durability.

Concrete Speaker_Wake Concept Store

The sleek minimalist grey concrete of the #0 Concrete Speaker combined with its petite portable frame makes it an ideal choice for display in any room. The speaker also features industrial brushed metal panels constructed from an aluminium alloy, which both adds a novel fingerprint-proof texture to the #0 Concrete Speaker and allows it to increase its radio reception abilities. Additionally, the front is emblazoned with black laser engraving which ensures that the text will remain visible for the foreseeable future. 

The complex internal structure of the #0 Concrete Speaker is meticulously created with a special concrete formula, specifically selected and improved in order to provide high levels of fluidity and strength with as little shrinkage as possible, thus reducing scratches and ensuring that the finish will remain pristine even after extended usage. Furthermore, the #0 Concrete Speaker is completely manufactured by hand with no involvement from mechanical mass production, giving each speaker a unique and bespoke appearance from the slight colour unevennesses caused by the hands of the expert craftsmen. 

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High-End Audio in a Compact Frame

Designed to produce premium sound quality, the #0 Concrete Speaker boasts a high response speed, reduced resonance, and fully dynamic audio that accurately represents the tones and rhythm of each instrument being played. The innovative Squeeze Box design allows for perfect balance to be achieved between low, medium, and high tones, making the #0 Concrete Speaker capable of both pumping out deep bass sounds while retaining the clarity and smoothness of the music.

The #0 Concrete Speaker has been painstakingly tested and modified by expert audio engineers to ensure that it performs superbly with all genres of music, so you can rest assured of the sound quality regardless of your taste in music. With impressive control over every breath, beat, and second of audio packed into a deceptively tiny frame, the #0 Concrete Speaker is sure to deliver an audio experience as strong and stable as the material it is constructed from.

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