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About NanoAce


NanoAce is a well-known manufacturer of nanophotocatalysts in Japan. Its industry-leading technology maximises the photocatalyst's protective impact! 

NanoAce's photocatalyst products are designed and manufactured in Japan and are backed by a significant number of Japanese testing laboratories. Credit rating is unparalleled in the market. Additionally, it is adopted in hotels, government organisations, colleges, and medical institutions worldwide, providing everyone with a sense of security.

NanoAce nanophotocatalyst factual data in Japan

The power of ultrafine TiO₂

Nano photocatalyst technology

Self-Bonding nano-titanium dioxide

nanoAce's technique is unique in that it utilises nano-sized titanium dioxide with self-adhesive properties. 

The particle is only two nanometers in diameter, and it shows excellent adhesion to any substance and is extremely durable. 

Six distinguishing characteristics

All ROUNDED Protection

titanium dioxide's photocatalytic effect?

How does it work?

In 1967, a study at the University of Tokyo discovered that when exposed to light, titanium dioxide can react with oxygen and moisture in the air to form reactive oxygen species or reactive hydroxyl groups.